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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Katrina screams to America----Wake Up!

The hurricane did not come unannounced, anyone watching the weather channel saw it coming days ahead of time. The Bush administration only gets it's news from a few operatives. It seems that they hate the news as much as they hate science.
The Dept of Homeland Security(DHS), was created to do the job that other agencies were supposed to be doing. One(I) would think that their funding would come from the budgets of these other agencies. But Nooooooo, we had to have another level of bureaucracy, with it's own funding. That adds up to more hundreds of millions down the drain. Then we got to see them in action.
Suppose that terrorists, foreign or domestic, were to set off chem-bio weapons in 3-4 major cities at the same time. They would not give us days of warnings. So now what are we being told? You are on your own for a week or so, then FEMA(DHS) and the other agencies will be in to survey the damage once it is safe. It seems that the citizens are the first line of defense and the government comes in when it is considered safe. No wonder we were told to stock up on duct tape and plastic.
Reality time here folks. The DHS should immediately be disbanded. These other agencies were incompetent enough on their own, without being lead by the Keystone Cops.


That was said by Nikita Kruschev almost 50 years ago. The more proper translation was 'We will outlast you', and like all politicians it was only bluster for the people on the homefront. Well. fat little Nikki could never imagine a time when there was no Soviet Union. He also could not imagine a time when America would use it's own money to destroy itself.
American corporations, with our governments approval, are providing China with tens of billions of dollars, maybe more. And the government itself is providing more billions, since China owns our debts.
And China is using this money to help it's people, right? Wrong, they are communists, so they have to keep the people poor.
They are using the money to modernize their military. That should make us all happy, knowing that we are paying for it.
China is also using the billions for aid and investment in Africa. The aid is because China sees Africa as a large group of consumers for their products. As for the investments, Africa is rich with natural resources. Not only gold and diamonds but oil, natural gas, and uranium. China sees this as their own personal property.
Now everybody in the US can rest easier knowing that we are paying for the rope they hang us with.