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Sunday, December 24, 2006

America and the Corporate Christians

I just found this link by accident, when I was reading Bartcop.com on Sunday. This person refers to them as the corporate Christians. If you read anything I have ever posted here or elsewhere, you will see that I use the terms phony Christians or American taliban. The writer does a fine in depth article on these people.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From the department of shameless plugs

Folks, almost everybody who has a computer has bought something at Amazon.com at one time or another. If you plan on purchasing anything from Amazon go first the the WYSU.org website. The Amazon link is about halfway down on the right hand side. Amazon gives WYSU some money for every person who makes a purchase through their site.
It doesn't cost you anything more, Amazon gets the sale, and WYSU gets some money out of it.
It is a win,win,win situation.

How to become a neo-nitwit

I am not talking about politicians or the moving mouths that the GOP has polluted our airwaves with. These people used to be called the man on the street. Now they have become the ones who post on the web. I can't understand their thought patters, because I don't think they have any. So lets take a look at the ideas they post.
They scream and cry about how much they hate those muzzies, yet they have no problem with thousands of Americans dying to protect the muzzies they claim to hate.
They are willing to withdraw American troops so the US can carpet bomb Iraq back to the stone age, or even use nukes on them. But they are not willing to withdraw the American troops to save the lives of the soldiers.
They call Muslims heathens, butchers, and cowards for killing civilians, Yet they claim the US would be better off if we killed more civilians.

As I said there is no rational thought pattern with these people, they have just let fear and hatred take control of their minds.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well isn't this too much?

Dickless Cheney doesn't want the American public to know who he associates with.
But what does he and George have to say about our rights?
They want to know who you talk to.
They want to know who you exchange e-mails with.
They want to know you banking transactions.
They want to know what groups you belong to.
They want to know the books you get at the library.
They want to know what web sites you visit, and what you purchase.
Something a lot of people seem to have forgotten. These politicians are not our lords and masters they are OUR EMPLOYEES. We have every right to know what OUR EMPLOYEES are doing.
And more on this subject.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Keith Olberman shows us Newt

For what he really is. No, it isn't the other white meat, but a raving lunatic.
He thinks that by wanting to destroy our freedom, he will be annointed the savior of the US.
Maybe this is his way of trying to make George look smart.
Well, it isnt going to work. The American public can be easily fooled, but you can't create enough fools to support this.
Newt's next topic will be the sanctity of marriage.
And the media does its normal job of running and hiding.