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Sunday, January 17, 2010


These two sisters could have come home after the quake. It would have meant leaving the children in their care, behind. They are still there hoping and praying for relief to get to them in time.
Just Google 'ben avon sisters+haiti' for many more stories about them.

Stuff it Pat and Rush

A good ending folks. The two young ladies amd their charges all made it to
Pittsburgh safe and sound.

Defeating terrorism, who cares.

Apparently not the republicans, according to Allan Quist. Winning elections and giving tax cuts to the rich is more important than fighting terrorism.


Sen. Hatch admits GOP ’standard practice’ was to run up deficit.


From irrelevant to insane

Yeah, I mean Pat Robertson. It won't be long before Pat and Rush start to say they were taken out of context, or didn't really mean what they said. It doesn't take very many dopeslaps to make a person realize that they are a dope.
I guess that if a disaster would strike America, Pat would cliam it was because we ended slavery.

Just an article from BradBlog.

Another article from BradBlog showing the evil coming from the far right.

A Still-Relevant Voice From the Grave

Anybody who knows me probably already heard me talk about General Smedley Butler.
His book is short, only eightysome pages. He was a much better military man than he was a writer. He won the Congressional Medal Of Honor, twice.
He was a republican back in a time when people put their political differences behind them when it came to America. He does represent the words duty, honor, and dignity.

Welcome Back to Pottersville: A Still-Relevant Voice From the Grave