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Monday, October 17, 2005

Terrorism 101

A lot of people will write about terrorism. What it is, what they want, and I will not even try to add to these writings.
I am writing about terrorism itself.
Look at the nations that have had terrorist attacks.
The US, England, France, Spain, Russia, India, The Phillipines, and Bali(which I think is controlled by Australia, but don't hold me to that). All of these countries are all democracies in one form or another.
Look at the nations that did not have terrorist attacks.
The old Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and Saddam's Iraq.
These are all totalitarian regimes.
NO, absolutely not!!! I am not willing to turn America into a totalitarian country just to prevent terrorist attacks. I am ashamed of any person who calls themself an American who would accept this stupid idea. Any normal average American has more to fear from ID theft than they do from terrorism. ID theft is also the way terrorist cells raise money.