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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well, John Murtha was right

Two years ago he said that we should start withdrawing the troops.
Since then the US has had,
Another 1784 killed
Another 12,500 injured
Another 235 Billion spent(wasted)
And gas was $2.20 then.

You can rest easy folks, the war profiteers have made billions in those two years.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Boys From Brazil, again

Or maybe it should be called;
The Boys From Brazil II
The Boys From Brazil, part deux
The Boys From Brazil the Sequel
The Boys From Brazil, The Next Generation.
Or in our more modern version, The Boys From Paraguay.
To recap for those who never saw the movie. Dr. Josef Mengele(marvelously play by Gregory Peck) with help from Odessa, tried to resurrect the Third Reich. They planted cloned babies with 94 families who were just like Adolph's family, hoping at least one of them would grow up to be another Hitler. That is just what the world didn't need. The plan turned out to be an absolute failure.
Now they are going to turn to plan B. Again I will go back in history. The reason Adolph was able to come to power was because the German economy had been decimated. Most of you have seen clips or pictures of Germans who had to take a basket full of money just to buy a loaf of bread.
The new protagenest of plan B is Grover Norquist.His desire is to destroy the American economy to the point that the American government will not be able to function. GWB43 is a more than willing ally in this plot. Don't worry you little hearts folks, the rich will always have their loot. I would say that Odessa has no part in this, but you never know for sure when it comes to the extreme right in America. If the economy can be destroyed the citizens would be more open to a leader who promised to restore the economy by puting it on a full military footing. Nothing puts people to work like a huge military, lots of wars, and the equiptment that goes with it.
I use Paraguay this time because that is where George and his minions have purchased a vast amount of property to run their military operations.

How corporate America works

Or I should say, doesn't work.
Citigroup president Charles O. Prince III(with a name like that, you know he never earned anything on his own) has been forced to resign. Under his leadership the company lost 64 billion in market value. So what does he get on his way out the door? A 12.5 million bonus is what he gets. That in added to the 53.1 million in pay he has recieved the last four years.
And as he awaits his official retirement next month, Mr. Prince can rest assured that he will leave with $68 million, including his salary and accumulated stockholdings; a $1.7 million pension; an office, car and driver for up to five years — all in addition to the bonus. That is on top of $53.1 million he has taken home in the last four years, a period when $64 billion in the company’s market value has evaporated.
If the company lost 100 billion, he would have gotten a bigger bonus?


Karl and the bloggers

No, it is not the name of a new band.
It used to be said that freedom of the press was only available for those who could afford to buy their own press.
Thanks to the internet and the blogosphere that is not true any more.
And Karl, the limpwristed wussy, Rove is livid.
If Karl is unhappy, well that makes me happy.
If Karl exercised something other than his mouth, he wouldn't look like the Pillsbury doughboy.



Monday, November 05, 2007

Bush administration is perfect.

No, I am not strung out on drugs, I did not drink the kool-aid, nor did I fall off the deep end.
There are people, some in the military, some contractors, who love the idea of torture. As long as it is not them being tortured. They don't care if they get any useful information or even if the person has any information to give. They love torture just for the sake of torture. I have to admit that these people are in the minority and do not represent the high ideals of the American public or the American nation.
Remember our lunatic-in-chief, George caused the massive death and destruction in Iraq for his own personal amusement. He sees the deaths of thousands of Americans, both military and contractors as nothing more than a means to an end.
With George, it is all about George.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Click and Clack are right again

Click and Clack AKA Tom and Ray Magliozzi of NPR's Car Talk, are mad about the lack of fuel efficiency in todays auto.
The big three, during the first fuel crisis, told us that it was impossible to make cars that got good mileage. While they were giving us pintos vegas and gremlins, Toyota, Datsun, and Honda brought us cars that got much better gas mileage. The big three told us that fuel injection would never replace the carburetor. Now try to find a car without fuel injection. Impossible to the big three means it might take a little work, which they aren't interested in doing.