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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A tale of two cheerleaders

This cheerleader, whose name was Holly, died serving her country. So the other cheerleader, whose name is George, who is only human garbage, can make huge profits for his rich friends



Halliburton is greed on steroids.

The government of Nigeria stops doing business with
Halliburton and calls them corrupt. How bad do you have to be to be called corrupt by Nigeria
The next link is for everything Halliburton. These people do a lot better job than I could ever hope to do.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Did we all support the president?

If you mention Bush's war for profits in Iraq with VietNam you drive the cons insane. Well, it is not a drive just a short putt. They have no problem comparing Iraq with WWII, DoDah, someone explain that to me. You remember WWII, or at least you saw a movie about it. That was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and then FDR invaded Peru.
Remember that was a real war against a real enemy, and everybody got behind our President. No matter how much people disagreed they put their personal feelings aside.
Folks,THAT IS A LIE!!!
Follow the link to read what really happened. It is a long read.


And a little more about GM.

Can you just imagine the headlines?

All the right wing media would think this is the only news story of the year.
"Bill and Hillary Clinton invite porn actress to have dinner with them at the WhiteHouse"

Pat Robertson and Fatso Falwell would be hospitalized for exhaustion after trying to be on all the news networks at one time
Fred Phelps and his merry band of loonies, all 8 of them, would protest some funeral, at least until some Podunk Herald took his picture. Then he would go protest somewhere else.
Rush would have to find three more doctors, because his Oxycontin cabinet had been emptied.
Ann Coulter would write another book, claiming this is exactly why everybody who doesn't completely agree with her, should be in concentration camps.
Newt and Rudy would be so angry they would have to go out and find new mistresses.
The pedophile wing of the GOP would be so angry they would burn their kiddie porn.
Kenny Starr would be given another 80 million and told to start another investigation.
Randall Terry, who traded in his old wife on a newer model, would tell his goons to change from bombing abortion clinics to bombing video stores. He would claim that the kids working in them for minimum wage were actually the spawn of satan.
The Democrats in all of their nothingness would just say that it probably is not as bad as it seems. Then they would go into hiding, not wanting to offend anybody.
The GOP would blame it on PBS
The swiftboaters for anything but the truth, would claim she never filled out her XX304 form.
Jeb Bush would claim that is the only reason Terri Schaivo is not able to run in a marathon.
The Family Research Council would give another $80,000 to the klan.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A letter I sent to my 2 Congresscritters

You may find it odd coming from me but I am opposed to closing down the Guantanamo concentration camp, not that I agree with anything that goes on there. The rule of law is the only thing that keeps us from becoming barbarians. Either American law or international law.
If Gitmo is closed down Bush can send the prisoners to any of more than 30 other camps we have, many of which you don't even know where they are. These prisoners can then be tortured and murdered at Bush's pleasure. I wish there was a polite way of saying it, but George Bush is a psycotic blood thirsty lunatic, who has surrounded himself with like thinking advisors.

Political correctness

Lets talk a little PC
If you are a middle class man and you pay a woman for sex, she is called a whore(among other things) and it is called a sin.
If you are wealthy and do the same thing, she is called a mistress and it is called an indiscretion.
How much sugarcoating can you put on it?

If a person is a minority, Latino, Black, Oriental, and you belong to a group that robs, kills, and deals drugs, they are called a street gang and you are called a gang-banger.
If the person who is white belongs to the same kind of group, they are called a militia and you are called a colonel. Why is this?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When will we ever learn

A poem written by one of our Native American sisters


Monday, June 13, 2005

Con thievery in the state of Ohio

It is bad enough that they lost and are still losing taxpayer money.
Remember folks, even with Ohio losing money Mr Noe and the people who ran the hedge fund got paid for doing their work. They turned around and gave some of their loot to the national GOP, the state GOP and some to Guv Ahnuld.

Monday, June 06, 2005

My first real day here

It just happens to be June 6. Sixty one years ago today brave Americans were dying on the beaches of Normandy, in the name of freedom. One of the sailors who was providing close-in fire support for the troops on the shore was one Lawrence Peter Berra. He is better known as Yogi. It seems that he had better things to do than play baseball.
Take that Dickless, 5 deferments, Cheney.

Some of the terms I use

I may use different words in my posts and I will try to explain what I mean by them
CONS -This is short for neo-cons. These people are not conservatives. Conservatives believe in small government, staying out of the lives of private citizens, staying out of the business of soverign nations, and sound fiscal policy. Cons don't believe in any of this. Cons belong to both of the major political parties but most of them are Republicans. Cons represent pure evil. They have no redeeming social value.
CHRISTIANS- I admire those who are true Christians. They lead their lives after Christ, remember that Jesus guy? I would 'guess' that they make up less than ten percent of those who call themselves Christians. The rest are phony Christians and are the followers of Pat Robertson, Fatso Falwell, Fred Phelps and others. I have absolutely no use for them! They are nothing more than the American taliban.
ISRAEL-I am only talking about the nation Isreal, if I say anything negative. My posts are not meant to condemn Jews. I have no problem with the Jewish race or their religion.