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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Disheartening or just disgusting

From the files of the Innocence Project. It seems that the idea is to punish someone for a crime, but what makes it such a problem to get the right person?
Remember folks, for every innocent person sent to prison, the real criminal is getting away with it.

Of the 201 now exonerated, 120 were black and 15 had spent time on death row. Together, they had served 2,496 years. ...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another sad day for America

Because of the un-American patriot act. All of your info belongs to the government. It doesn't matter if you have been convicted of a crime, accused of a crime, or have a spotless record.


Look through their eyes

Well it seems that Iran is in the news again. Try to look through the eyes of the Iranian government and it's citizens.

First, all they have to do is look at their next door neighbor, Iraq. No matter how evil Saddam was, Iraq posed no threat to America or even to it's own neighbors. George invaded and occupied Iraq for no other reason than because he could. Now Iran may be in the process of building nukes. They know that if they stop right now, George might still attack them if he gets a burr in his butt about something.

Second, just imagine if Iran had invaded and occupied Mexico, and there were 200,000 Iranian soldiers right across our border. Would that make our government and citizens feel uncomfortable? I am thinking that it would. That is what Iran sees next door to them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So I am a little late with this

I see in many open forums and message boards that people are still crying crocodile tears about Don Imus being fired. They are worried about the First Amendment rights of racists.
I will leave it to others to talk about Mr Imus in depth, because I never heard his show.
Let's get in our way-back machine and go back 4-5 years.
Does the name Phil Donohue ring a bell? He didn't insult people because of their religion or their race. He was fired because he refused to kneel down on the alter of BushWorship.What happened to his First Amendment rights? And he actually had a show that was popular.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarkozy wins an election

And the right goes crazy as Nicolas hits the stage.
He may be deft dumb and blind but he isn't their new messiah.
I hate to burst a bubble, so early into the partying, but the conservatives of Europe are more liberal than the Dems in the US.
Things that will not happen.
Adolph's birthday will not become a French national holiday. Even the French have limits to taking days off.
The French will not loose their rights, and there won't be brownshirts on every corner checking papers.
He won't be checking with Christian nationalists every time he makes a decision.
There will not be 50,000 French troops joining in with George's crusade of world conquest.
The Muslim minotity will not be put into concentration camps.
One of his first statements said that George will have to take a leadership role in solving global warming. He must not be owned by the energy companies.
Now I will let the far righters go back into their drug induced dream world.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jorge Gómez Barata of the Argen Press

He manages to put into words what thinking individuals are thinking. I found this on the site of blogger Cab Drollery to whom goes the credit.

Bush is the only U.S. commander-in-chief to have initiated one war, only to have lost three. He never managed to catch bin Laden nor destroy al-Qaeda; he failed to defeat terrorism; he wasted the political capital awarded him by September 11th; and public opinion has come to detest him. The nation, once indulgent of his lies - lethal lies for over 3,000 of its own sons and daughters - no longer believes him. No U.S. President has ever harmed his country as much. ......George [H.W.] Bush took advantage of Saddam Hussein's erroneous invasion of Kuwait and his eldest son, more reactionary and conservative - and less intelligent -wasted a great opportunity and squandered the enormous political capital engendered by September 11th. The irrational brutality of this terrorist act, the fact that they struck New York - the most cosmopolitan of the world's cities - where, in reasonable harmony, all races, languages, nationalities and cultures of the world coexist; united by a universal repudiation of such violence, there came unspoken waves of solidarity and affection for the people of the United States. That spirit of goodwill, together with the economic, scientific and technological superiority of the United States, the influence of its culture, the force of its language and its capacity to promote and even impose its point of view, all gave the United States a unique opportunity to lead a genuine international coalition to confront terrorism. Bush and his team, in an obvious confusion of visions and paradigms, took the wrong path and opportunistically preferred to seek out circumstantial and petty advantage in connection with controlling Middle East oil - rather than embrace strategies that may have been more legitimate and would have garnered greater consensus. ...Without reason or debate, Bush manipulated the facts, lied shamelessly, and with his allies and acolytes got lost in the labyrinth he now finds himself in.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sen.Imhofe, which rhymes with dumbkoff.

From Aug 2002.
Our intelligence system has said that we know that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction — I believe including nuclear.

From April 27,2007.

“The whole idea of weapons of mass destruction was never the issue, yet they keep trying to bring this up,” Inhofe said. […]
Pressed for an explanation, Inhofe said weapons of mass destruction were “incidental” to the decision to invade Iraq.

This fool can't even keep his lies straight.

A double hit to the taxpayers

You know, all of those great contractors. The ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ones sent to New Orleans. These are the ones who have been given hundreds of billions to do work, most of which was never done.
Well according to the US GAO these same contractors owe the US 7.7 billion dollars in back taxes.