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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If this does not scare you

You are the most naive person in the country, you are brain dead, or you like the idea of a totalitarian state.
***Bush Executive Order Targets Domestic Assets***
After almost 7 years, we can see that if there is any way to abuse a law or regulation this administration will go all out for it.
This executive order is so vague, it can mean anything George wants it to mean.
You don't support Geroge's occupation of Iraq,
You don't like tax cuts for the rich,
You think an extra two trillion dollars in debt is too much,
You support workers rights,
You buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Now the government can confiscate all of your property.
Impeach Alberto
Impeach Cheney
The sock puppet is useless without a hand in it.


Valerie, yes that Valerie

You remember the lady who got punished for being a good American, who wouldn't lower herself to suck-up to the Bush crime family.The far righters claim that since she wasn't undercover at that speficic time, it was alright to out her at her job.
So I will run with that idea.

Of all of our government departments, how many people do you think are working undercover at this present time? Less than 10%, less than 5%, probably much less.
So what about those other 95%?
Do you think that the US government should create a web site for them? You know.
A picture of each of them.
A picture of their families.
Their street address.
Their telephone numbers.
Their e-mail addresses.
The department they work for.
Their job description and title.
Well I think this is wrong. It doesn't matter if it is all of them, 20 of them, 10 of them, 5 of them, or one of them.
This administration will put their own desires ahead of those of the American public.

The religious nationalist hypocrites.

This is the group that claims that if you posted The Ten Commandments everywhere we would live in Utopia.
Just posting these would not stop anybody, either an athesist or a person who goes to church, from breaking them.
I wonder if they ever read them?
I guess the answer to that would be no, since there is not one that says, 'Thou shall not have gay marriage'.
There is one of them, specifically the 9th one, that says you should not bear false witness. That is a nice Biblical way of saying that you shouldn't lie.
So you would think that these religious nationalists would have demanded that Scooter go to prison. Well just the opposite, they are the ones who applauded the fact that he got off.
These people have an agenda and it is not Biblical at all, it is called taking over the government.
Just look what their agenda stands for.
Lying for God.
Stealing for God.
Killing for God.
Cheating for God.
Racism for God.
Adultry for God.
and my favorite
Genocide for God.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

And some people actually wonder

Why there is such a growing distrust of phony Christians.
Do they ever consider that Christian comes from Christ? You remember, that guy in the New Testament, who gave us the ideals that we are supposed to live by.


What we have here is a man named Fred

What we have here is a man named Fred,
If people were smart he'd be taken to the shed,
Now the more he crawls out of his hole,
We can see he was a Whitehouse mole.
Fred, Fred Thompson, king of the looney right.

Now you can see why he was so exuberant with the release of the Scooter. http://www.thenation.com/blogs/campaignmatters?pid=210023


Now there is an idea

On July 4, when real Americans should be declaring their independence from the Bush crime family, they opened up Impeachment Headquarters.